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What is a Prophetic Song?

I received this spontaneous prophetic song was received from the Lord during a church service on 8-26-2018. -Laura
A prophetic song is like a prayer. You know, how when you start praying a prayer you don’t actually know exactly how it’s going to end or what you what you’re going to say in between the “Dear Lord,” and the “amen”?
It just sort of happens. A prayer ebbs and flows with the thought of your heart and mind and the promptings of your spirit. Similarly, a prophetic song also begins somewhat like a prayer that is just sort of floating along as if on a river path. You don’t know where the music will take it. It doesn’t always rhyme. It isn’t always addressed to God directly. Sometimes it is a proclamation about God, or could even come in the form of a scripture that speaks in the person of God to the listener such as “I have loved you with an everlasting Love.” (Jeremiah 31:3.) It could come like the Psalms of David when he sang so many prayers or prophesied proclaiming the goodness of the Lord.
Sometimes the music is soft and reflective, sometimes it is loud with a strong beat. Sometimes the music is light, fun and peaceful! At other times it seems piercing, thunderous or warlike as if God wants to demonstrate His power. The style of music does not really matter so long as the style matches what the words are saying. But a prophetic song is not something that the Psalmist tries to Make Happen! It is delivered by faith– one phrase at a time— is delivered until the person is through giving the exhortation through music. And usually the person doing the singing is just as surprised as the next person at what was being said. I know that’s how it usually happens with me. Do you ever have prophetic songs come up inside you? Don’t be afraid to give them. Or, if you’re at home write them down. Get the song in your heart. It is for you and meant to be a blessing for yourself, your family and for those with whom you are meant to share. Be brave.  You may never know how that person may receive one word or song and how it may impact their life for God!

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