Update about the Truth Tour

We are so excited about being a part of David’s Tent, DC, this year! Here are some updates:

Originally, we had planned to take the RV to DC, but seeing how it slows down your progress to have a huge home on your back like a snail, we decided to take only our truck.  The flip side is that we will have to find hotel accommodations that meet with our budget for the trip up and back. But God graciously supplied a place to stay for a few days while we are in DC doing worship sets, with a wonderful lady named Simcha, who volunteers at David’s Tent! Laura has had some conversations with her on the phone and sensed a Divine connection! Praise God!  We know that He is a God who does exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or imagine.  We are excited about watching Him fulfill His purpose in this journey!  We believe that as God guides, He also provides and that this trip will be a miracle.  We have seen Him do this through the generosity of the body of believers in  Yeshua, Jesus!  There have been individuals who gave toward the trip and we would like to thank you so very much, as well as the whole body of believers at Freedom Valley Church in Wimberly, Texas.

So what’s the status?  We knew that we would have to get 2 new tires for the truck. (Three were well-worn but two definitely had to be replaced!) As of today, we have 2 new tires. Although, we did give consideration to the thought of just going with them “as is” and trusting that they wouldn’t wear out, kind of like the Israelites sandals, we decided that we should just take one step at a time and that He is able to bring in exactly what we need when the time comes.  Thank you, Tawnya Hogan for that word on Sunday about a couple who had to return to Israel and the Lord provided their expenses the day of their trip! He’s the same God now as then!  We are still believing for the extra money for gas and hotel accommodations on the way up and back.  We have some of that goal met.  We know that He will provide the rest!






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