The Listening Room


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Dear Friends,

Welcome to Listening room! I hope you will come and sit a spell and listen…even if it’s in your car!  This “room” is meant to be a place for you to retreat, and spend time in worship or meditation, without commercials or distractions

Would you like to hear more instrumental music or listen to scripture? Do you have a favorite song or hymn that you would like to hear? To add your thoughts or requests, please feel free to jot me a note.


Laura Cates


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“You Were Bruised for Us” Spontaneous song and prophetic message that the Lord gave through Laura on Sunday 8-26-2018.  To learn more about what is prophetic music check out the blog post:    “What is a Prophetic Song?”


“You Dance Over Me, Here I am to Worship”- Medley  

“Let God Love You” 

“My Delight” (c) Laura Cates 2011

“My Delight, Instrumental” (c) Laura Cates 2011

 “Stones Throw Away” is the Bride of Christ’s story! She is anticipating the day when He takes her home to be with Him.  The song reflects on the grace that it takes to get there!

“Sing Alleluia Medley” soaking worship with Laura and Leanna Cates 4/2015.  My daughter and I were in the living room practicing “Sing Alleluia” when the Holy Spirit began to pour on our hearts like oil and spontaneous other songs began to flow out of us.  The recording ends with her song that she wrote in 2011 “You Walk on Water”.


“Oceans” Cover by Laura and Leanna Cates 2016

janice lion


“How can He be a Lion if He is a Lamb?

How can He be a Lamb if He is a Shepherd?

How can He be a Shepherd if He is a King?”

“The Lion” (c) 1991 Laura Cates, Artwork by Janice Huse


“You Captured my Heart with one look of your face…

With one word that you speak…

And I’ll run after you with all my heart and soul…” (read the blog)

“You’ve Captured My Heart” (c) Laura Cates 2008

“Down through the forests and between the trees

As I linger there, I come to my knees,

And I know that God has His purpose and plan…and in His grace I stand!”

“The River” (c) 1997 All rights reserved.

James Tissot 1806-1903 “Jesus, Looking through the Lattice”

“Looking through the Lattice”  Laura Cates (c) 1999  This recording was on my 1999 CD Quiet Places.



“Quiet Places” (c) Laura Cates 1999



“Packin’ Heaven” (c) Laura Cates 2008

“Jesus, You are Excellent in All Your Ways”  Laura Cates  (c)  1999



“A Reason to Believe” (c) Laura Cates 2008. This song is very personal. It’s about my family but it has an element that makes it about every family.  Some of the words have been slightly changed since this first recording.  But the meaning is still the same.  People don’t really need a reason to believe. They were created with an innate desire and void inside of them for God.  They may say they need a reason to believe in God. But  it may be harder to find a reason NOT to believe in grace that is so simple that even a little child can receive! Written with Love, Remembering Grandma!

“Grandma’s Song” by Laura Cates (c) 2003. My Grandma meant a lot to me. She shared her faith with me.  We spent many an evening praying together. She was a confidant to me in my twenties, and while I was a young mother in my early thirties.  I love her and miss her.  This song I wrote for her in the weeks before she went home.  Thank you for sharing your life, love, hours and moments with me Grandma!