Life Poetry

Paper Water


You heard about me in Sunday schooli-can-l

You memorized “I can do all things.”

“Come out of the boat” the teacher explained

as she moved him along on her paper water.



Now you’ve entered the real world

You’ve got some money for big toys!

The waves are moving faster

Things are going your way

You’re at it hard with the big boys!








Then one day He said “Follow me.

Leave your nets to the others!”



Somewhere along the way

You got out of the boat

Now you think that you’re going under

Will you trust me with paper water? 

So I can show you what’s real

Will you let go an let me, Peter?

I’ve got this thing under control

Let me take you to My dimension.

Let me blow your theory.outerspace


This ocean’s bigger than you’ve imagined

I’m so much bigger than paper water!


“Paper Water” song copyright Laura Cates 2016





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