One Fourth of July

One fourth of July we were out taking a family hike in the Bastrop State Park.   We came to a place along a trail where someone had hung the American Flag.  Staring at the flag, a streak of boldness hit Laura, (a.k.a Mom) and she boldly sang out the Star Spangled Banner from her heart with all of the conviction and strength she had inside.  The family joined in and when it was over, we noticed that an older couple was standing behind us with hand over hearts.  Cheers were going up all through the trees from people that we did not see.  The older couple tearfully thanked us for sharing and a spark of joy filled our hearts that day that we still have the freedom in America to mention God, to sing and to proclaim His name even on the street, although some angry people are working really hard to try to remove those freedoms from our culture.  Similarly, during a worship conference, a burning desire to publicly glorify Jesus outside the four walls in worship came into Laura’s heart.  After much pondering the thought of taking a keyboard and a mic out into the open air and just showing up somewhere to sing the Lord’s praises, hymns and worship Him with songs like “America, America God shed His grace on Thee…” and “Worthy is the Lamb” and “Amazing Grace,”  the desire was placed there to go out and do just that!  In the fall of 2015, the whole family took an unforgettable trip to David’s Tent DC to join up with others to glorify Jesus through open air worship in our Nation’s Capitol.

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