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One fourth of July we were out taking a family hike in the Bastrop State Park.   We came to a place along a trail where someone had hung the American Flag.  Staring at the flag, a streak of boldness hit Laura, (a.k.a Mom) and she boldly sang out the Star Spangled Banner from her heart with all of the conviction and strength she had inside.  The family joined in and when it was over, we noticed that an older couple was standing behind us with hand over hearts.  Cheers were going up all through the trees from people that we did not see.  The older couple tearfully thanked us for sharing and a spark of joy filled our hearts that day that we still have the freedom in America to mention God, to sing and to proclaim His name even on the street, although some angry people are working really hard to try to remove those freedoms from our culture.  Similarly, during a worship conference, a burning desire to publicly glorify Jesus outside the four walls in worship came into Laura’s heart.  After much pondering the thought of taking a keyboard and a mic out into the open air and just showing up somewhere to sing the Lord’s praises, hymns and worship Him with songs like “America, America God shed His grace on Thee…” and “Worthy is the Lamb” and “Amazing Grace,”  the desire was placed there to go out and do just that!  With many years of experience setting up and taking down equipment for meetings, weddings and churches, Jeremy, a.k.a. Dad, is the sound engineer and the technical side behind what we do.  Laura, a.k.a. Mom is a worshipper and psalmist. 

A little more about our family…

Our daughter, who goes by Leah,  follows in her footsteps and sings harmony with her angelic voice. She is also a creator of art in the form of clay figurines and loves to paint and draw.  Here is a picture she painted that glorifies the Creator!


Ian is an up-and-coming pianist who also enjoys singing and painting landscapes. 10991062_10206481033490968_6483515614485050608_nThat is just a little bit about us.  We hope to encourage other families to go out and do what God has put in their heart to do.  We do not want to give out of religion or be preachy and condemning but rather desire to let the love of God pour out on folks and passers by.

We know that many others are hearing the same call;   Groups like  David’s Tent, DC.  Which takes outdoor worship to a whole different level by providing large Tents where people can gather and just glorify God out in the open all the way to managers of Chick Fil A in Austin who had the idea to place a piano right in the middle of the restaurant where anyone was welcome to play. This unexpected surprise, compelled Laura to sit down (after ordering and eating, of course) and play and worship God for a while. She filled the room with songs, like “Oceans”, “I can only Imagine” and “How Great thou Art”!    We are not here to showcase our talents and gifts, we want the world to see Jesus lifted high!  Yet, He will give each something specific to do and a way to do it.  He has intricately designed you for this hour in history! The beginning of 2015 was when we heard the call and went to DC at the National Mall Lawn right in front of the Washington Monument. There were people streaming by from every walk of life imaginable but the Holy Spirit was able to reach out beyond the tent as spectators would come in to see what the tent was about.  It was about Jesus! Many church worship teams, individuals and worship bands came and played 24/7 for over a years. It was monumental and unprecedented here in the United States.  We want to be in the middle of exactly what God wants to do in our lives and in the lives of people around us.  Stepping out in faith never comes without opposition. Shortly following that dedicated time to worship publicly, an all out attack came against us, (that involved lots of hospital and medical bills)!  But that is another story. We do not want to bring attention to what the enemy tries to do to stop the calling and purposes that God has for each one of us.


The time is short and we are still called and doing what the Lord gives us to do every day.  Currently, Jeremy is the engineer for a IT services company,  Laura teaches piano, voice and ministers in music. Our children (which were much younger in these pictures) are now going into high school and college and figuring out what their majors are.  ( The years have really flown by). During the time when all the situations with medical was going on I (Laura) was doing a lot more blogging and making music videos during what free time I had between sessions with doctors and appointments.) It was kind of cathartic and healing and it helped me keep my sanity!! In this season we are in which seems to have gone on for such a long time, our focus has shifted a little bit as a couple. We are currently leading some intercessory prayer at our church.  We are a Full Gospel Church, so you might read our statement of faith and check out their Facebook Page to join a service via live stream!  If you wish to correspond with us you can reach us via this site’s email or our Cates media Facebook page.

Jeremy and Laura

our family

“Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

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