Art Poetry

Little Fingers Little Toes

Little fingers, little toes

on the sand,

on the beach

like a child

with your shovel and pail;

for the first time

discover the waves

have come up to your feet.. so you giggle

As you wait for another

wave to come and make its way

to your little fingers, little toes.

Not knowing yet, as your toes are getting wet

that the oceans’ roaring deep

is not enough to describe my infinite love

and the sand goes on for miles of endless deep

can not compare

with how many thoughts that I think

about you.

So dip your little fingers in,

and play in the sand

Content yourself in my sea and my land.

but my love for you is greater than each tiny grain

measured together

or each droplet in the ocean …or a million oceans

They can not contain the depth of my feeling

and my love for your little face,

for your little fingers and toes.


I long for you to know and to be saved

and to be free;

To relax in my presence and spend time with me.

For I paid the price for this for all eternity.














Poem by Laura Cates 2017.  Artists, Janice Huse, and my mother-in-law, Lauren Vukonich.

Art used with permission.



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