I’ll Never Lack

I wrote this song when we were living in our first apartment.  I was pregnant with our first child.  We were believing God for our first house.  There was talk at Jeremy’s job of mass lay offs.  The day they released the news that there would be significant lay offs, fear struck my heart. How were we going to make it? How were we going to get into a house?  A new baby was coming!  I began to just imagine how much God loved her and and our little family.  Because the bible says that Jesus was poor so that we might be made rich, I remembered how God had always taken care of me, throughout my life and that this was no different. He would be faithful still! We would see God do a miracle. Then this song just rolled off my pen and piano:

“You were poor so that I might have true riches

You were poor so that I might have everything

It’s Your covenant of peace on earth

That gave me a new name of royal birth.

To Your family, you brought me in.

Your my Father, Provider, My King and My Friend,

I’ll never lack.  I’ll never lack. I’ll never lack again

I’ll seek first Your kingdom Lord

Now I understand. It’s your covenant You made with me

And signed it in Your blood and I’ll never lack, never lack again.

Who was I that You would show such mercy

Seed of Abraham, You were despised for me

Now that You’ve made me Your very own

I’m the offspring of the One who bears the crown and the throne

All that I am I give to You

I’m Your seed forever belonging to You

I’ll never lack, I’ll never lack, I’ll never lack again

I’ll seek first Your kingdom Lord

Now, I understand. It’s Your covenant you made with me

And signed it in Your blood

I’ll never lack Never lack again.

I can’t even remember all those days of darkness

How you’ve erased all my past and the memory of them.

All I’ll recall is Your love and Your mercy and give it to others like
You’ve done for me.

For I cannot hold this gift inside

For the love of us all You were crucified

Lord, You took all our lack when You laid Your life down

And I’ll tell the world of all that I’ve found in You.

I thank You Lord, I thank You Lord, I thank You for my life!

In Your presence Lord, Your House Oh God, I’m am satisfied,

and I’ll never lack .. I’ll never lack … I never lack again!”

God did make a way and we were able to get a nice home in the suburbs! Fast forward 13 years… Now we face the challenge again of when, where and how we will own another home again. We’ve been through the whole gamete, extreme downsizing, tiny space living, extensive medical costs, but this I know that My Redeemer is mighty. Vulnerability is a good thing, even if it means we have to admit our mistakes (James 5:16) and be healed!

(I’ll Never Lack words and music copyright Laura Cates)

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