Howdy, We’re Home, Texas!

This has been a whirlwind of a week-and-a-half! We left for DC on October 10, 2015 and returned late afternoon on October 20, with full hearts and many stories and life moments later. The primary reason for going on this trip was to be a part of David’s Tent, DC. Jeremy and I truly felt called to do this. We arrived in DC on October 12, ready to worship at the tent. After getting somewhat settled in learning the ropes of using the metro, we packed our supplies and headed from the lovely Alexandria, Virginia to Washington, DC. The first night we were there worshipping, the Lord answered with His presence and amazing beauty. He sent a light rain over us. A rainbow came up over the District of Columbia. I could feel the divine smile of heaven. There was a sense of expectancy. During the time we were on assignment, the Lord brought groups of worshippers from several nations. There were some who came just to rest and found themselves surrounded with God’s presence. This was a time of deep dependence on Him for every move. Our hearts are full! We’re ready to go again! (or to the next assignment God has for us!) Maybe David’s Tent Texas! Life with God is Good! Thank you so much for your prayers and support, family!

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