David’s Tent Update

Photo by Jeremy Cates

We arrived on October 14th at the big white tent that was set up in front of the Washington Monument.  Our hearts were excited.  A steady flow of passersby was making the trek around the Monument’s lawn.  People of all cultures and races, cyclists, joggers, tourists, and those going to and from work circled around the worship tent. The air was chilly. The wind whipped steadily against the white tent that is set up for twenty-four hour worship, rain or shine. The sound of the song of the worshippers settled like a cloud of peace resting on all of the participants and curious bystanders and those on the most traveled walkway in Washington, DC.  My heart was excited about getting to let out the song that was about to burst out of me like hot water.  I knew that there was no way that I could have even come here without the supernatural supply that the Lord gave.  Each set that I played and sang was two hours long and ran for four consecutive days, and there was a supernatural grace and anointing to do it!
At times I could feel the smile of heaven on the tent. The first night He brought a gentle rain, followed by a rainbow, which “happened” to appear during the singing of “Revelation Song; Filled with rainbows of living color”!  By day two, I realized that I would need to pace myself or I would tire out physically, and vocally.  But God was so good and kept me going strong ’til the very end.  I’m so grateful for the support and prayers that went up for our safe arrival and for what God is doing behind the scenes and in the heavenlies as the praises go up!   There were some battles that needed fighting and it was made very obvious that the enemy did not want us to be able to do this. As one morning in particular, the plumbing backed up where we were staying creating a delay, and I also caught the wrong metro train that sent me to Ten Buck two!  But the Spirit of God was my guard!  My hubby was a huge support to help in all of the practical things, that needed to be fixed, carried or navigated! Our children were troopers, and took on DC with verve! On the third day in DC, a friend whom I had not seen in twenty five years came to the tent and we got a chance to reconnect.  This was an added blessing like the “just because, I love You” gift to top off the end of our stay in DC.  The staff at David’s Tent are genuine servants of the Lord and have laid down their lives to give glory to Him twenty-four seven.  We are so grateful for Simcha, who graciously offered her home for this week. We are so blessed by the love and support of each of our family and friends who made this trip possible. We still have the long road trip home ahead of us and are believing for God to help us to be sensitive to his lead to minister as he brings people across our path.  My delight is to do your will, Oh Lord! Ps. 40:8

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  1. Barbara Dearman says:

    Awesome door open for your family‼️may many more door continue to open😊✨

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