Some of my favorite memories from…ever are contained in this video!

Our latest adventure: Copse and Spinney

Merry Christmas 2017

Silent Night – Laura Cates

O Holy Night – Laura Cates

One of my most recent endeavors is making signs.  Here is an example of one of the products I use.  Peel-Tek 150.

One of many love songs to Jesus I wrote as a young girl. He’s still holding me in His arms! July 8, 2017

Happy Independence Day from Our Home to Yours!  July 4, 2017

“Stones Throw Away” is the Bride of Christ’s story! She is anticipating the day when He takes her home to be with Him.  The song reflects on the grace that it takes to get there!

Ian took most of the footage for Wait Like an Eagle. a song that Lord gave Laura for Jeremy on his birthday in 1997. The music was originally recorded in 1998 by Rex Schnelle, a friend and producer for Sony Studios. Fast forward about 18 years to the footage you’ll see on the video. The song shows bits and pieces of the trip this summer (2016). It was hard being so far apart for a while for medical treatment, but the silver lining was getting to spend some time with the grandparents in Montana.

“Just ….Let Him In”.  Nuff Said!

I Will Rejoice!

The truth of rejoicing in all circumstances can really make the difference. Life is gritty and messy but, I’m so grateful that we have a Great Lord and Savior Jesus who helps us through all kinds of trials. And I’m grateful for those who have surrounded us and prayed with us through the battles. Because when it is all said and done… We Win! He is Faithful! He said “In this world there would be tribulations but be of good cheer! “…. or “take Heart! …. for I have overcome the world.” We have the victory!

Vail, Colorado, Chris Rice Past the Edges, “Thirsty”  

While in Colorado this past year, we took some time of  refreshing for some much needed R&R.

My Delight

This was a collection of short videos set to the music that the Lord gave Laura.  We love the way that it turned out.  It highlights so many memories and experiences that we had in 2015 and 2016.  The concept behind the song and video is that everything beautiful that God created and all that we delight in is Him.  His word is our food.  He feeds us. He shields us.  He helps us through the hard times.  Even through the very tough valleys we can put our trust in Him.  Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!

You’ve Captured My Heart

This was taken with the GoPro while trekking through the woods with our dog. It was only our second experiment using it to make videos. Jeremy wore the camera on his head while we were hiking!

To read the song blog click here:

Wind and Spirit Remix 

This was our first Youtube video with the GoPro camera. We actually inadvertently chased a storm during this one.  We did not know it but about an hour after this footage was shot in Lagrange, Texas, a Tornado touched down less than a mile from where we had shot the video. Laura: “It was such a surreal moment. Prior to that day, Chris Rice’s song had long been playing a video in my mind every time I listened to it. It was begging for a video for what I was visualizing.  I did not quite get it like it was in my imagination but I did scour the countryside looking for weather vanes. This song makes me think of the America I grew up in.  If you listen closely you’ll notice that Jeremy dubbed in my vocals very faintly.”

In Everything Give Thanks

This song was on Laura’s 1999 album “Quiet Places”The footage was taken in Shenandoah National Park on the way back from David’s Tent, DC 2015. We were complete newbies with the Gopro and it is shaky due to the fact that most of the time it was either attached to the windshield or Jeremy wearing it on his head!

What Wondrous Love is This – Blue Highway, Blue Ridge Mountains

I just found this live footage from our road trip from Texas to David’s Tent, DC  2015. In Shenandoah National Park, along Skyline Drive, we enjoyed the music of Blue Highway on the ipod. and with the Gopro camera attached to the windshield, (we drove no more than thirty mph, and took in all of the fall colors while singing in the background  to “What wondrous Love is This, Oh my soul!”

David’s Tent, DC 2015 

These are small clips of the worship time we had together at David’s Tent, DC.  Jesus is Worthy!

Glory to God 

This song the Lord gave to Laura is set to the videos Jeremy took in Haiti while on a mission trip to visit schools, churches and orphanages, and minister to people in the mountains with U-TURN ministries. His primary job on the trip was handling all of the state of the art video equipment, and video taping for the ministry.  Video was in 2012.

I’ll Never Lack

There’s too much to tell here. Read the Blog!

So in Love 

This is perhaps my first true love song to Jesus, Written in 1988 for the Love of my life!

Favorite Worship Songs

These are some of my all time favorites! “You are My Hiding Place”, “Let Us Adore”, “Be Unto Your Name”.

One of my songs: “You Do Miracles”

Prophetic Worship with Laura Cates:

Laura ministers at Grace Way Church in Austin Texas in these next two videos!

“Keep Your Eyes on the Master” (c)1995
“Be Faithful” (c) 2010, “Keeper of the Vineyard -Jesus, Here am I send me”  (c) 1995

“You Walk On Water” (c) 2011 Leanna Cates

Taking some time out of the busy day to stop and ponder what really matters. A Reason To Believe was written with the subject of Mama’s (or in this case Grandma’s) faith being passed down… or not. Really, we can only glean from our parents the truths that they gave us. God has no grandchildren. We all have to come alone and receive His grace. This song touches somewhere deep inside of me. It’s about a family, a time period, a place, and people that we all know, because it could be us. “A Reason to Believe” Copyright 2008 Laura Cates