Laura Cates-Psalmist, Worshipper, Pianist

“When I was six, I wanted to BE the lady that sat at the piano and led the worship at my church.  Her hands flew over the keys to the song “There is No Greater Love”.  Her name was Jo Leslie, my first piano teacher, whose father had founded and pastored Glad Tidings, in Austin, Tx.  She was my first inspiration to become a pianist. Eagerly, every Sunday, my hands danced on the back of the chairs in front of us as her hands danced along the piano as she played during worship. At this, my parents agreed that I should begin piano lessons and thus, I began lessons with her in the second grade, and stayed under her tutelage until the fifth grade. She gave me the foundation of reading music and studying the classics of piano. Certainly, her influence gave me the courage to be on stage without fear of performing publicly through many years of recitals.  And her daughter, my grade school friend, also insisted that we learn solos and duets for the offertory, and this began my life-long journey of more musical studies and of playing music for church and for weddings, concerts, and just about any other occasion.”

Musical Bio:

Laura began taking piano lessons at the age of seven and soon after started writing music, providing special music at her church.  At age twelve,  Laura’s parents attended Christ For The Nations Bible Institute in Dallas Texas (CFNI). She became a student of virtuoso and world- renowned Pianist Anna Jeanne Price while at CFNI.  This was a special honor during her youth as Anna Jeanne, though trained as a concert pianist alongside Van Cliburn, was a sought after minister on the keys for many years for CFNI, Benny Hinn, TL Osborne, and many others. Anna Jeane imparted to her as Laura developed depth and maturity in her piano, singing and song writing skills. At CFNI in the 1980’s Laura began leading worship for campus youth events. During her teen years, Laura continued to hone her skills playing and singing in worship bands, traveling around Texas.  She has worked with several ministries including Tommy and Rachel Burchfield Ministries who later founded Texas Bible Institute and B.J. Phillips Ministries, youth evangelist, providing music for youth conferences and special events. Her ministry outreach in music has included Asia, Europe and Central America.  From 1988 to 2014 Laura served on the ministry team at Bastrop Christian Outreach Center, as a worship leader and served her community as a Vocal Coach and Piano Teacher. Currently, Laura has been leading praise and worship for church services conferences and youth events for over two decades.  Please browse The Listening Room to hear music to uplift your spirit.  For booking please contact her at Laura is still teaching music, traveling and singing and working on new material for a CD release. So, please keep in touch with the latest updates at


Testimonials :

“..Laura’s transparency and heart for God is profoundly evident in her life and especially in her music.  She has such a deep and abiding relationship with the Lord that when she sings, her music ushers worshippers into the very Presence of Jesus.  Some of my most glorious worship experiences have occurred when Laura was leading worship. God has given Laura a magnificent musical gift, but she never uses this gift to draw attention to herself but to magnify and glorify the Lord Jesus!”– Paul Rogers – Director of Regional Promotion · Word Records
October 1983 to April 1987 for Amy Grant • Michael W. Smith • Sandy Patti • Petra

“Laura’s songs and performances are heartfelt, moving and uplifting.  It’s obvious she has a deep love for God and that love comes through in every note.  Her worship is true and contagious – a beautiful voice that’s a vessel for a beautiful love”
– Dr. Rachel McInturff, Assoc. Director, Piano and Composition Faculty
The Armstrong Community Music School – Austin, Texas

“Laura Cates is the most anointed Christian singer/group leader I have ever had the blessing to be around.  It has been my honor to record and work with Laura and her music for over 25 years. She is the best-of-the-best in Christian music.”
-Gary Schiff, PE, Sound Engineer, and Bastrop Christian Outreach Center Board Trustee

Laura has an extensive Private Vocal and Private Piano Education from some of the world’s leading Master Class Instructors including:

Anna Jeanne Price – Piano
Suzi Stern – Voice
Gary Ferino – Piano
Gene Raymond – Voice,
Jo Leslie – Piano
Lloyd Hess – Piano
Maria Schluter – Piano