About Us

Jeremy Cates is a sound engineer and IT engineer. He and Laura have been married for nineteen years and reside in Bastrop, Texas. Laura Cates is a worshipper, blogger, song composer and vocalist. She has led worship at her local church and taught piano, and voice locally in Bastrop for more than twenty six years. Together, Jeremy and Laura have produced one CD entitled “Quiet Places”.   In 2015, Jeremy and Laura launched catesMEDIA. Since that time, Jeremy and Laura have been blogging on the subjects of marriage and family, music and poetry, and scripture studies.  They work together to create music videos to their songs that reflect scenes of family and nature two of the best gifts given by our Creator.

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Their daughter Leah, is also a gifted craftsman, artist, musician and vocalist.  She is also a sculptor of clay figurines and loves to paint and draw. (more here: http://catesmedia.com/artful-home/) Their son, Ian is an up-and-coming pianist who also enjoys singing and painting landscapes and sculpting with clay. (more here: http://catesmedia.com/artful-home-2/  ) He has recently helped to produce a music video for You tube.

Leanna Cates-copyright 2016
Forest Trees by Leah Cates
Leanna Cates copyright 2016
Sea Gulls by Leah Cates



Under the Sea diorama
Ian’s “Under the Sea” Diorama



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