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A Christmas Memory

I get a little sentimental when it comes to Christmas and usually I don’t take the tree down until after the New Year, but this year, I had a real tree. Needless to say, it came down less than 24 hours after Christmas because it had started to shed everywhere!  Normally, the day after Thanksgiving, I start out by putting on the holiday music and dragging all of the forgotten ornaments and put up the Christmas tree. The season  brings to mind traditions and memories of Christmas’s gone by. On Christmas Eve, my mom always prepared a special dinner and afterwards my dad read us the Christmas story by the firelight. We had a tradition of opening one present the night before Christmas.

Christmas day came early. Mom began bustling around getting the meal ready, As she described herself  “running around like a chicken with her head cut off” making everything happen. She gave me the small tasks of making salad and fruit salad, and setting the table. Dad assisted with putting leaves in the table to make it large enough for company. When we had Christmas at our house it was usually a smaller group of people, eight to ten. Dad kept the fire going, and chatted with the guests, Shortly after mid-morning, company started arriving. Mimi and Paw Paw arrived, and sometimes my Uncle Jerry. My parents always wanted to reach out to people who had no other Christmas plans. So there was always, an extra plate and space for someone like Lewis, the 80-something year old rancher, with the cackling laugh, who usually spent Christmas with us.  Like any children, my brother and I looked forward to the presents after dinner. Paw Paw was a engineer so he always gave us some kind of gadget that entailed showing how to use it afterward. Mimi, was a lady through and through and she usually picked out my present which was always very feminine and girly, such as a magnificent doll, which I adored.

My maternal Grandma’s house was where we spent many of our Christmas Days.   I remember helping my Grandma get ready by cleaning, decorating and wrapping presents. She loved having real flowers. At Christmas time, someone often gave her a Poinsettia, or an Amaryllis, she admired—especially the Amaryllis!

On Christmas day, her house was filled with aromas of cooking as my Aunts, and she jabbered along in the kitchen while completing the last finishing touches for the meal. The cousins, were a racket, running around in the yard, (hopefully the yard and not through the house).  The men were in the living room watching football on TV,  trying to stay out of the way.  Every now and then I’d hear a cheer coming from them or a loud nervous, “WHOA, WHOA WHOA, OOOOOH!!!” or “Foul Ball! Foul Ball!”

Now we are making new memories, while thoughtfully remembering the ones we cherish.When our family comes together, we go around the circle and share with one another a special memory, a poem or a story.  I want to share with whoever will listen and enjoy this special gift: This is the recording of the day my brother and I sat outside on Grandma’s front porch as she recounted several of her stories that we had grown to love.  Grandma shares about a time it snowed on Christmas Day!  She was so special.

Click to play the Story: “Say it With Snow!”

I would like it very much if you would share your special memory or family tradition with me in the comments.  Have a wonderful NEW YEAR!


“The walk after dinner!” Christmas 2009

Mom and Me 2016
Mom and Grandma
Grandma with many of her granddaughters; Christmas of 1993
My Aunts and Mom, Christmas of 1993
Mom and sister 2009





Grandma always loved an Amaryllis!



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  1. Laura, This was so touching. Hearing Mama’s voice always brings me to tears.
    I have special memories at Christmas at my grandmother’s and my Aunt Redia’s house.
    We always spent Christmas Eve there and opened presents. One memory as a child was watching the 2 animated Christmas programs on tv. One was The night before Christmas poem. The other was the Christmas story from the Bible. With little moving clay figures. I was fascinated and transfixed by the story. I think it was sponsored by Bell Telephone. I would so love to see it again. Other memories. Being with all my cousins. I love them all. Eating the little varied colors and flavors of gumdrops on the table top clear plastic gumdrop tree. Aunt Redia would get after us if we ate too many.
    And singing Christmas carols. Going to church. Walking there less than a block from Grandma’s.
    Aunt Marchie lived there too and we especially loved her playing with us kids and showing us all her treasures. So many memories. Thank you for encouraging me to look back.

  2. catesadmin says:

    Thank you for sharing your memories with me. I remember the gumdrop tree! And Aunt Redia telling me and Carl not to eat all of the gumdrops off of it, a generation later.

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