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Consider the Birds!

Not once, but twice this week, we stopped everything, not to “smell the roses” but we took a pause to consider the birds.  We were coming home after a wonderful evening of fellowship and a meal with friends.  As we rounded a corner to leave her neighborhood, there was this peacock, completely unaware that he… Read More Consider the Birds!


My Piano Teacher

When we begin to reflect on the beautiful gifts that God has given to us in the form of people he has placed in our life as mentors, teachers, parents, grandparents, spouse, children and friends, the wells of gratitude begin to spring up in our hearts. We find that we would not be the person… Read More My Piano Teacher

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A Christmas Memory

I get a little sentimental when it comes to Christmas and usually I don’t take the tree down until after the New Year, but this year, I had a real tree. Needless to say, it came down less than 24 hours after Christmas because it had started to shed everywhere!  Normally, the day after Thanksgiving, I… Read More A Christmas Memory

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More of Grandma’s Stories

            “Sitting in the Swing!  (The Proposal) Grandma shares how she met her husband, Lee.   Moral:  His persistence paid off!     “I’ve already Detoured!”  Moral:  Listen to your wife!     “The Magnolia Refinery”  Paw Paw jumps from a building in the nick of time.  Moral: Listen to the still… Read More More of Grandma’s Stories

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A Family Legacy

        Click Play to hear Grandma tell the story of How a Yellow Dog saved a little girl Lost in the Woods!   I was inspired by watching Dr. James Dobson’s Building a Family Legacy DVD series, that prayer is one of the most important things that you can consistently do for your… Read More A Family Legacy