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Dreams or Encounters?

Have you ever woken up from a dream at night with a phrase stuck in your head that made perfect sense in your dream but when you awoke you were pondering the meaning of it because after you awoke, it no longer made sense to you at all? When we have a dream, sometimes it’s… Read More Dreams or Encounters?

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Seasons of Change

                            “We experienced a cold front last night which turned                 the sky into a deep, blue-grey backdrop for the colorful                 new growth. Crisp air and a calm breeze, surprised us with                 a pleasant contradiction of the two forces of nature!                 Spring: ready to bring forth… Read More Seasons of Change

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With Unveiled Face

Has anyone ever just said the wrong thing to you in an effort to help or offer “comfort” in your moment of need and ended up just hurting you more deeply rather than helping at all? Or maybe you have elevated a person to a place that only Christ should be and as a result… Read More With Unveiled Face