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Shadowbox Christmas

Have you ever owned a shadowbox? All of my life I have been somewhat fascinated by the feast for the eyes they give. From the one in my great Aunt Redia’s sewing room to many various ones I had seen while growing up in the 1970’s, a time when shadow boxes were more popular.  However,… Read More Shadowbox Christmas

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7 Tips for Creating an Artful Home

Subscribe    1. Provide lots of art mediums.  We exposed our children at an early age to art mediums such as water colors, acrylics, pastel crayons, washable pens, clay, and different types of paper (including the butcher paper with which we covered the dining table!)  And thanks to grandparents and friends, at birthdays and Christmas,… Read More 7 Tips for Creating an Artful Home

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Consider the Birds!

Not once, but twice this week, we stopped everything, not to “smell the roses” but we took a pause to consider the birds.  We were coming home after a wonderful evening of fellowship and a meal with friends.  As we rounded a corner to leave her neighborhood, there was this peacock, completely unaware that he… Read More Consider the Birds!

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Paper Water

You heard about me in Sunday school You memorized “I can do all things.” “Come out of the boat” the teacher explained as she moved him along on her paper water.   Now you’ve entered the real world You’ve got some money for big toys! The waves are moving faster Things are going your way You’re… Read More Paper Water

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Facts about Eagle Eyes

Eagles basically have little heads and big eyes; their eyes are large compared to their heads. What this means for an eagle’s eyesight is that he can see more because his field of vision is large. Eagles can soar and survey the landscape for potential food sources. Eagles also have an advantage over people in… Read More Facts about Eagle Eyes

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Dreams or Encounters?

Have you ever woken up from a dream at night with a phrase stuck in your head that made perfect sense in your dream but when you awoke you were pondering the meaning of it because after you awoke, it no longer made sense to you at all? When we have a dream, sometimes it’s… Read More Dreams or Encounters?